Refinery Operation Courses

Course Name Course Code
Basic Operation Principles RORA-026
C5-C6 Isomerization Process Operations Training ROO-013
Catalytic Reforming Process (CRU) ROO-003
Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) ROO-009
Fired Heater Operation , Design and Maintenance ROO-005
Fired Heaters ROOHN-018
Fired Heaters & Heat Transfer Equipment ROO-017
Fundamental of Catalyst in Oil & Gas Industry ROO-010
Furnaces : Safe Operation and Optimization ROMS-024
Heat Transfer Equipment Operation, Design, Start-Up and Commissioning ROO-006
Hydrocarbon Losses ROO-015
Loss Prevention Engineering ROAL-020
Manual Valves Fundamentals ROMSH-025
MEROX Process & Technology ROO-011
Naphtha Hydro-treating Technology ROO-007
Oil Refinery Process for Technicians ROO-008
Oil Refinery Products Treatment RORT-027
Oil Refining Technology ROO-002
OJT on C5-C6 Isomerization Process ROO-014
OJT on Catalytic Reforming Process (CRU) ROO-004
Process Area Troubleshooting & Start Up ROSH-021
Process Calculation ROMS-022
Process Operation ROMS-023
Refinery Economics ROHA-001
Safety Relief & Flare System Design ROSW-019
Steam Traps and Pipelines ROO-012
Towers Internal ROO-016
Troubleshooting in Process Plants ROOHN-028