Electrical Maintenance Courses

Course Name Course Code
Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation & Maintenance EMID-001
Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers EMID-013
Electrical Engineering Practices for Facilities Persons EMID-003
Electrical Equipment & Control Systems: Commissioning , Testing & Start-up of Electrical Systems EMID-002
Power Factor Improvement EMID-009
Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits EMID-012
Protection of Electrical Power System (Advanced Level ) EMID-011
Protection of Electrical Power System (Basic Level ) EMID-010
Starting Methods for Induction Motors, Applications and Power Saving EMID-004
System Earthing and Protective Earthing EMID-014
Transformer Oil Analysis EMID-005
Transformer Operational Principles , Selection & Troubleshooting EMID-015
Transformers Maintenance EMID-006
Under Ground Cables EMID-008
Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS) EMID-007