Instrumentation Courses

Course Name Course Code
Advanced Process Measurement INSTIY-003
Applied Instrumentation & Electrical Equipment in Hazard Area INSTIAY-009
Basic Process Measurement INSTIAY-002
Developing & Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation INSTIA-008
Distributed Control System (DCS ) INSTIY-011
Fire & Gas Detection Systems INSTIY-016
Fire theory, Protections, Alarm systems and Control INSTIY-010
Industrial Process Measurement INSTIAY-001
Instrumentation for Non-Instrument Engineers INSTAY-012
Instrumentation Systems Maintenance & Troubleshooting INSTIAY-006
Process Control INSTIAY-015
Programmable Logic Control(PLC)-Advanced Course INSTIY-014
Programmable Logic Control(PLC)-Basic Course INSTIY-013
Safety Instrumented Systems & Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) for Process Industries INSTIY-005
Sizing, Selection &Applying Control Valves INSTIA-004
Valves Types and Technology INSTIA-007