Safety & Environment Courses

Course Name Course Code
Basic Firefighting Techniques SEER-038
Behavioural Safety and Securing of Working Environment SEMEMG-011
Crisis Management SEMEMG-025
Electrical Safety SEMEMG-032
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) SEA-019
Fall Protection SEMEMG-031
Fire and Explosion Management systems SEMEMG-029
Fire Prevention and Control SEMEMG-037
Fire Protection for Operation (Theoretical) SEMGER-028
Fundamentals of Process Hazard analysis PHA SEMEMG-030
Hazard Communication SEMEMG-014
Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment SEMEMG-017
Hazardous Area Classification SEMEMG-013
Hazardous Waste in Petroleum Industry SEA-021
Hazards in Process Plant Design & Operation SEMEMG-033
HAZOP & HAZOP Applications ( Lev.1) SEMEMG-023
HAZOP Leader (Awareness) SEMEMG-036
HAZOP Practical Study Lev.2 SEMEMG-024
HSE Incident, Near Miss Reporting and Incident-Accident Investigation SEMEMG-006
Incident Investigation SEMEMG-026
Management of Change (MOC) and Pre-start up Safety Review SEMEMG-001
Monitoring and Auditing Safety Performance SEMEMG-004
Office and Home Safety SEME-018
Permit to Work System SEMEMG-012
Pollution Prevention in Petroleum Refinery SEAMG-020
Preventing Human Error SEMEMG-015
Prevention and Protection in Oil Industries SEMEMG-016
Prevention of Health Hazard SEMEMG-008
Process Safety in Oil & Gas Industry SEMEMG-035
Process Safety Management SEMEMG-005
Risk Assessment and Management SEMEMG-002
Risk Evaluation & Major Hazards SEMEMG-034
Safety Golden Rules for Work SEMEMG-010
Safety in Maintenance and Construction Works SEMEMG-007
Safety Management through Behaviour Change SEMEMG-003
Secure the Maintenance and Construction Work Sites SEMEMG-027
Solid Waste Management SEA-022
Work Place Safety Culture &Performance SEMEMG-009