Technical Support

  1. Technology & Development

    We study project-scale problems for local clients including EGPC sister- companies to present thorough solutions for boosting performance and productivity of our clients. Our services range between:
    • Removing bottle necks and solving operational problems
    • Conducting technical studies utilizing EPROM manpower and software resources
    • Recommending performance and productivity improvement techniques
    • Providing technical support service in oil and gas technology, engineering management to ensure quality control for individual unit operations as well as finished products
    • Process Simulation software studies
    • Monitoring and Assessing performance of Refinery/Plant manufacturing facilities
    • Preparing process designs and data for economic evaluations of Refinery /Plant modifications
    • Process Hydraulic calculations (sizing)
    • Steady state flow assurance
    • PFD / P&ID development
    • Line Designation List (LDT)
    We have ongoing cooperation agreements with world-wide international business players to provide top-notch technologies to our clients in the above fields of technical support.
    Another main service we are concerned with is the study and implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge projects (ZLD) within EGPC companies in an attempt to help preserve our water resources from loss and make maximum use of it.
  2. Consultation Services

    • Prospect evaluation and field development strategies
    • Environmental consulting:
      1. Alternative Fuels Services
      2. Carbon Management.
      3. Energy efficiency improvement.
      4. Process optimisation.
    • Project Management
    • Flow assurance.
    • Feasibility and Conceptual studies
    • Economic modelling
    • HSE services
    • Quantitative risk assessments (QRA)
    • Safety case preparation
    • Risk analysis (Technical and Commercial)
    • Reliability and maintainability studies (RAM)
  3. Commissioning & Start-Up Management

    Comprehensive service for the management and delivery of projects through mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up to handover phases of projects.
  4. De-sludging Services

    EPROM tank Desludging/cleaning operation dramatically reduces the corrosion possibility of the tank floor and walls. Our operation brings the tank back to zero sludge condition and consequently maintain the tank full capacity.
    The merits of our applied De-sludging technology include the following:
    • No labor at any time inside the tank before and during the de-sludging operation.
    • No pollution of air or soil.
    • EPROM operates without opening the tank. Tank remains in normal operation throughout the de-sludging operation).
    • No heating steam or chemicals added during the operation.
    Our past experience in De-sludging technology has been applied in most Egyptian oil companies as: GUPCO, QARUN, SUCO, ZEITCO, ASSIUT Refinery, KHALDA, AGIBA, OIL PIPELINE and AMERIA
  5. Tenders Preparation and Management Services

    EPROM offers its services to prepare technical and financial offers on behalf of its clients as required. Furthermore our team of experts is qualified to evaluate coming tenders technically and financially on behalf of our clients. Managing / following-up awarded contracts from award day through to end of contract while handling all contract related activities through Contracts department.
  6. Catalyst Handling

    Operating multiple Gas and Petroleum plants of latest technology has privileged EPROM technical staff with an uninterrupted and continually updated exposure with the world’s leading catalyst supplying and handling service providers and licensors. EPROM technical staff is proud to announce its current capability to effectively manage and follow up or catalyst related activities in a vast variety of units with diverse licensing international bodies. Our handling activities cover scopes of follow up for catalyst replacement, integrity checks, renewal, additives and disposal.

    We are completely aware that the continual optimization processes required for production; together with the increased quality requirements for the finished product, demand improved loading and unloading techniques for catalytic reactors. Furthermore the good condition of reactor internals and exact catalyst loading according to specifications has a positive effect on production results in turn. We therefore ensure that our reactor specialists check the condition of all internal components prior to the loading operation and do not commence the loading process until the result is positive.

    We have management and follow up experience in different loading methods, such as sock loading or dense loading techniques, depending on the reactor characteristics.