EPROM fully understands the fact that no company can operate without the acceptance of the surrounding community.

In EPROM we seek to work responsibly by having a positive impact on the communities and societies in which we operate.

EPROM is continually updating its risk processes to better describe the potential socio-economic consequences from incidents.

EPROM projects have the potential to positively impact the community by creating jobs, providing opportunities for suppliers and subcontractors and supporting community development initiatives.

The way our wide range of projects manages its socio-economic impact has consequences for peoples’ health, wellbeing, culture and livelihood, which is the main reason for EPROM to hold its social responsibility in such a high place.

EPROM has a very good relationship with the community (stakeholders) in which we operate our different projects mainly because of our deep concern for the minimization of all potential environmental and socio-economic impacts and continually developing and improving our plans for managing them.