Road Safety

Ensuring the safety of transport-related operations is an important part of EPROM activities. EPROM recognizes the risks associated with transportation. EPROM aims to reduce these risks by maintaining high vehicles standards and ensuring that personnel have the expertise they need.

We have programmers that train our drivers to recognize hazards and to anticipate errors from other road users to reduce road transport incidents. We enforce our global road safety Standards and minimize our use of road transportation when possible. We use technology, such as monitoring systems inside vehicles or the speed limit is monitored by speed gun, to further improve driver behavior and we recognize drivers for good practices.

Vehicles entering and operating on our sites, including vehicles belonging to any subcontractor, must be in possession of a valid Vehicle Permit. To obtain a Vehicle Permit the vehicle shall be subjected to a detailed safety inspection.

Safety department ensures the control of traffic rules on site. All vehicles and mobile equipment are maintained in a safe condition. Drivers of vehicles and mobile equipment are responsible for the safety of vehicles and mobile equipment while in their care and have a valid driving license. Subcontractors are responsible for the safety of their vehicles when on site.