The relationship between EPROM and our subcontractors is one based upon mutual benefit and respect; we can only offer our customers the best in our field by choosing our subcontractors according to their conformance to the highest standards of health and safety.

EPROM is requiring a code of performance from all its’ subcontractors according to which, the subcontractor will ensure that all equipment, plant, machinery and apparatus brought onto or used on the site is safe and when operated correctly is without risk to health, safety, or the environment and is maintained to an acceptable standard. All necessary test and examination certificates must be current, valid and available for inspection at all times.

EPROM also retains the right to stop any operation, activity or erection of plant/equipment, etc. if it is considered that there is a hazard to the safety and health of site personnel (or others) or the possibility of environmental or ecological damage.

EPROM requires the subcontractor and subcontractor’s employees to obey any reasonable written or verbal instructions given by EPROM Representative in respect of health, safety and environmental controls.

The subcontractor shall ensure all its’ employees of any tier are competent in their assigned position, and are fit for work under the anticipated conditions as evidenced by medical examination.

EPROM requires the subcontractor to conduct Pre-Job Safety Meetings, Identifies job-site hazards utilizing JSA’s and ensures all employees receive Site Specific Orientation.

EPROM also requires the subcontractor to conduct investigations into recordable incidents, suggest and implement methods/practices to avoid reoccurrence, and ensure all required documentation is completed properly and distributed correctly.