Quality Policy

We, Egyptian projects Operation & Maintenance, EPROM, hereby commit ourselves to have the highest standards in quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 through:
  • Provide services that satisfy the entire Customers’ needs, meet highest quality requirements in accordance with contractual and regulatory commitments.
  • Provide high level of efficiency, a strong customer focus and enhancement of long-term sustainability and profitability within the organisation.
  • Define clearly, implement and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS), which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  • Ensure Quality policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction,
  • Establish quality objectives in order to periodically monitor performance to achieve Continual Improvement.
  • Maintain KPIs “Key Performance Indicators” for departments in the main office.
  • Provide a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements,
  • Promote continual Quality Management System improvements ,
  • Ensure that Quality Policy is available and maintained as documented information.
  • Ensure all employees understand and implement the EPROM Quality Policy and are fully aware of their commitment to the Quality Policy and Objectives.
  • Communicate the Quality Management Policy to our relevant interested parties, as appropriate.
  • Adequacy of Quality objectives and policy will be reviewed yearly.