Sustainability is a topic that continues to gain the attention of companies worldwide. EPROM operates an integrated system for management of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental issues and Quality, referred to as the HSEQ Management System.

EPROM believes that in order to achieve sustainability we need to conform to a vibrant and dynamic Quality Management System (QMS) Framework.

All EPROM projects are required to progressively align with this framework through an annual performance improvement cycle.

We also conduct annual basis assessment by reputable certification body as a part of the performance improvement cycle as a mean to identify opportunities for continual improvement.

EPROM, through active participation of all employees and subcontractors, is committed to continual improvement and conformity to the highest level of quality management system as been set by the ISO.

EPROM believes that the implementation of a good Quality Management System will in return contribute/determine the success and the continuous development of our business and will in return help us to achieve our primary business objectives.