Energy Policy

We, Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance, EPROM Cairo administrative facility, hereby commit ourselves to sustainable reduction of our energy consumption and to improve our energy efficiency in a continual improvement process for its scope. To ensure these objectives, we are implementing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 standard. We shall ensure that all requirements of this standard are implemented and with continual improvement of the processes within the energy management system; we will periodically review that.
Our strategic objectives in our administration facilities are to reduce the consumption of using electricity & water and maintain optimum usage.
Our top management is committed to:
  • Provide available information and required resources to effectively establish and implement EnMs.
  • Satisfy at least all applicable legal and other requirements including our contractual obligations related to EnMs.
  • Continually improve our EnMs in accordance with applicable EnMs Standard(s).
  • Apply this policy as guidance in design and procurement activities to ensure that they are comply with our strategic objectives.