Energy Policy

We, Egyptian projects Operation & Maintenance, EPROM Cairo administrative Office, hereby commit ourselves to sustainable reduction of our energy consumption and to improve our energy efficiency in a continual improvement process. To ensure these objectives, we are implementing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011 standard. We shall ensure that all requirements of this standard are implemented and with continual improvement of the processes within the energy management system; we will periodically review that:
  • All employees are aware of the implementation and operation of the energy management system and each aware of the responsibilities;
  • Provide efficient energy resources and information in a sustainable manner that meets statutory, regulatory and other requirements and lead to;
  • Ensure that energy objectives and targets are established.
  • Ensure that the all the resources are available to achieve EnMS targets and objectives.
  • A regular evaluation of energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption shall take place;
  • Enhance the energy management system through purchase of energy-efficient products and services and design for energy performance improvement.
  • Promote continual Energy Management improvements through team work, participation of all employees and from the lessons learned.
  • Communicate the Energy Management Policy throughout the organization and regularly establish and review our objectives and targets.
All energy objectives, targets and energy policy are regularly reviewed at management review meetings.