Waste management is conducted in compliance with strict environmental standards where all our major site are certified to ISO 14001

EPROM generates a range of waste products through its projects. Quantities of waste generated can vary considerably, depending on the level and type of activities, including maintenance, construction, decommissioning, or remediation. The employees involved in the handling of hazardous wastes are suitably trained.

EPROM establishes waste management philosophy which employs a hierarchy of options for the control / treatment / disposal of wastes. Where Particular wastes are managed in accordance with their character including specific hazardous properties, quantities and overall physical form.

The hierarchy of options consists of:
  •   avoiding the generation of waste through operation or management
  •   the use of materials or products that are reusable in their present form
  •   the conversion of wastes into usable forms
  •   the destruction, detoxification and/or neutralisation of residues by suitable techniques
  •   extraction of energy content of waste materials in a Waste-to-Energy plant
  •   deposits of wastes on or in the land using methods appropriate for a given situation
The above generic options are provided as a basis for developing alternative disposal routes for each specific waste stream.

All staff are involved in waste handling shall be aware of the hazards posed by the improper handling, storage and transport of waste substances and their containers. They receive appropriate training to perform their role.