EPROM & Environment

Sustainability is a topic that continues to gain the attention of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) professionals. Typically a board-level issue, sustainable growth strives to balance social, economic, and ecological issues.

At their most basic level, sustainability and safety are really about the same thing: conserving resources. In the case of sustainability, those resources are typically thought of as environmental.

EPROM, through active participation of all employees and subcontractors, is committed to avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts wherever we do business. We also review our environmental performance regularly and set improvement goals and targets.

EPROM targets can include measures such as flaring reduction, pollution prevention, or reducing our impact on biodiversity. Since impacts to the environment vary from site to site according to the nature of each operation, we consider the different environmental sensitivities in determining which issues require the greatest focus for impact reduction in each site.