Environmental Performance

Water and steam are used in EPROM operations. Water usage is monitored constantly in terms of parameters such as input flows, water usage efficiency, and cooling water and wastewater management. Water is used for cooling, steam and manufacturing processes. At the same time, our operations need to manage significant volumes of wastewater. These waters are either treated and then discharged to the environment or reused in our operation or as a source of irrigation water.

EPROM goal is to reduce its overall energy consumption. Enhancing cost efficiency and low-emission process are key drivers for improving energy efficiency that can help us to minimize our environmental impacts, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other air emissions. They can also be powerful economic incentives to reduce energy use. As part of our operating management system, we require our operations to incorporate energy use considerations into our business plans and to assess, prioritize and implement technologies and systems to improve energy us

Flaring is the controlled burning of waste gas in production, refining and manufacturing operations. It is necessary during the start-up of operations, and as a safety release or during maintenance. Our operations seek to minimize flaring, wherever possible. We manage our future flaring performance by requiring that new projects do not develop assets that need to flare amounts of gas above defined thresholds, unless for safety reasons.

Local air pollution and environmental impacts such as acid rain can arise from the combustion of fuels, along with other sources, which may produce gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx). Some emissions can react in the presence of sunlight to form secondary pollutants, leading to an increase in ground level ozone and particulate concentrations, which is influenced by local weather conditions and topography.

At our operating sites, we manage emissions to air through our local operating management systems, developing plans to comply with applicable legislation and aiming to minimize any potential impacts. We monitor our emissions to air and ambient air quality to check our performance against our plans.