SOPC - Catalyst Reformer Tubes Inspection

External Inspection for Catalyst Reformer Tubes (Eddy Current Test & Laser Profilometry)
Suez Oil Processing Company - SOPC
Suez - Egypt
October, 2018
One Year
External inspection for catalyst reformer tubes included the following tests:-

A. Eddy Current Test (ECT):-

Eddy current test was employed to detect any change in the homogeneities of the tubes, and to identify any crack-like-defects.

B. Laser Profilometry (LEO - SCAN):-

This technique was employed to measure the diametrical dimensions of the tube exterior, and to detect any diametric change in the tube of the reformer furnace. This is the correct starting point for evaluation of the tube creep.

External Inspection of 76 Catalyst Reformer Tubes

  • Tube dimension: OD 131.6 mm; ID 101.6 mm; MSW 15 mm; Tube length 13360 mm
  • Tube material: 25Cr 35Ni Nb Micro (LBA Code T64MA)

LEO-SCAN Inspection

The LEO-Scan inspection system for external tube inspection is mounted on a compressed air driven Tube Crawler System. The crawler contains probes for Eddy Current inspection of the tube wall as well as laser sensors for the outer diameter measurement.

LEO-SCAN System Consisting of:

  • Automatic tube climbing machine.
  • Eddy current equipment for crack detection.
  • Laser equipment for tube expansion measurement.

Eddy Current Testing

This is a magneto-inductive method with a special coil configuration, which allows very good penetration into the tube wall. All irregularities, e.g. cracks, porosity separations, can be detected from the outside of the tube. Indications can be shown on a display or recorder.

Outside Diameter Measurement

In addition to the crack detecting technique there is an integrated outer tube diameter measurement with a dual axis laser system. Crack Detection and OD measurement are carried out simultaneously and can therefore be correlated with great success via a positioning encoder.