Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB)

Plant Description:

ELAB Process plant is producing a linear alkyl Benzene by using Kerosine, jet fuel and Benzol in the presence of a fixed bed of solids acidic atalkylation's conditions effective to produce a primary product consisting of an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon having only one C10 to C15 alkyl substituent and a secondary product consisting of an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon having more than one C10 to C15 alkyl substituent, which process may include a step for activating, reactivating, or regenerating the catalyst.


Petroleum Street, Wadi EL-Kamar Road, Merghem, Alexandria, Egypt.

Plant Capacity:

ELAB produces Linear Alkyl Benzene licensed for a capacity of 100000 ton /year.

Contract Date:

EPROM has been Managing ELAB under a global Operation and Maintenance Management Contract since 2006

EPROM Manpower On-Site:

EPROM Manpower at ELAB plant comprises of 280 highly skilled Engineers & Technicians.

EPROM Scope O&M using maintenance program:

EPROM is in charge of all activities related to the Global Operation & Maintenance Management of the plant.
  • Operations management
    • Process units
    • Utilities
    • Off-site, including loading facilities.
  • Maintenance management
    • Static and Rotating equipment
    • Instrumentation, DCS & PLC
    • Electrical
    • Maintenance Planning & CMMS
  • Marine terminal services for shipped products
  • Inspection activities
  • HSEQ
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Laboratory
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Support

Process units + licensors:

ELAB Process Areas and Units Are UOP Licensed and consists of:
  • Front End AREA
    • Prefractionation Unit
    • Union Fining Unit
    • Molex Unit
  • Backend Area
    • PACOL Unit
    • PEP Unit
    • Detal Unit
  • Sulfolane & Utility Area
    • Sulfolane Unit
    • Utilities
    • Hot Oil Unit
  • Tank Farm


It produces Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB), but (LAB) the Light Alkyl Benzene remains its most important product common as a raw material for the manufacture of biodegradable detergents.