EFC Waste Heat Boiler

REPLACEMENT OF WASTE HEAT BOILER (W.H.B. ) During General Turn Around July/August 2017
Egyptian Fertilizer Company ( EFC )
Ein El-Sokhna Suez Egypt
Replacement of the existing W.H.B in EFC with new one procured by EFC, the job was done during the summer shut down in July/August 2017. All works were processed according to the manufacturing installation recommendations and guide lines submitted by EFC.
July/August 2017
  • Preparation of a new W.H.B. (Cut end caps, dismantle blinds…).
  • Fabricating temporary supports.
  • Erection scaffolding along W.H.B to remove all level glass and instrument device flanges.
  • Erection temporary supports to fixed lines before cutting or flanges dismantle.
  • Dismantle all flanges and cutting pipe lines connecting with W.H.B.
  • Dismantle all monkey ladders and walkways.
  • Dismantle fixation bolts.
  • Remove old W.H.B.
  • Chamfer all pipes needed before install a new W.H.B.
  • Install new W.H.B.
  • Tight the fixation bolts.
  • Reinstall and welding all pipe lines.
  • Reinstall all monkey ladders, walkway, instrument devices, supports
  • Reinstall all instrument devices.
  • Erection a new insulation (Rock wool and Aluminium cladding) according to EFC specifications.