Upgrading Hydrocarbon Condensate Unloading Pump Station at MIDOR Refinery

DANA GAS addressed EPROM to perform the Engineering, Procurement services, Construction, Erection, Commissioning and Startup activities required to upgrade and increase the capacity of the existing pump station to grant DANA GAS Utilization of storage tank capacity to meet the new requirements of DANA GAS of the Hydrocarbon condensate unloading system.
EPROM executed this project according to EPC contract (May 2018 – March 2019) as follows:
  • Phase one (Engineering Phase), Preparation of basic and detailed Engineering documents including PFDs, P&IDs, Hydraulic Calculations, HAZOP studies and final As-Built Drawings. Also, Delivering MTOs for all bulk materials.
  • Phase Two (Procurement Phase), EPROM performed procurement technical support through issuing vender lists, recommended short bid and accepting material of origin list. Also, issuing material specifications for all equipment. Technical evaluation for all purchasing offers received from client and inspection for material delivered to site.
  • Phase Three (Construction, Erection, Pre-commissioning and commissioning phase), includes site preparation, all civil works, piping prefabrication, pump erection and alignment. All Tie-Ins welding, Piping hydro-test. Laying electrical and instruments cables and all checkups. Finally precommissioning, Commissioning and startup of the new unloading pump system.