APRC Propane Compressor Installation

Propane Compressor Installation and its Sunshade.
Amrya Petroleum Refining Company (APRC)
Alexandria, Egypt
Revamping Unit 13A Capacity by installing additional Propane Compressor
July 2017/July 2018
  • Design and construct the Compressor and auxiliary skids foundations.
  • Design, Fabricate and construct the sunshade foundations and steel Structure.
  • Design, Fabricate and install Over Head (EX) Crane 5 Ton Capacity.
  • Execute all relevant piping works
  • Assemble and Install Reciprocating Propane Compressor and its Auxiliary skid.
  • Implement all electrical Works including provision of 400 Am Service panel, lighting fixtures and Cables lying.
  • Implement all relevant civil works including the construction of MCCs and UPS Rooms.

  • Compressor: 35 Ton
  • Overhead Crane (EX) type: 5 Ton
  • Steel Structure: 33 Ton
  • Concrete Works: 237 m3
  • Sunshade: 326 m2
  • Electrical Cabling works: 850 m
  • Lighting “Cortem” EX Type: 23
  • Earthing System: Furse System