Power Stations

Electrical Power Generation Stations:

EPROM will provide the following activities:
  • Operation& Maintenance and related services under long terms contracts.
  • Operation &Maintenance Systems and procedures.
  • Maintenance planning and turn around planning.
  • Scheduling and linear programming.
  • Key technologies and engineering solutions.
  • Supporting basic and detailed engineering.
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
  • Inspection activities.
  • Organize and provide technical trainings.
  • Periodic quality/performance audits.
  • Performance test run evaluation.

Solar Energy

EPROM as a major project developer for solar systems Processes an expert engineering team and highly experienced construction team and undertake all stages of PV projects, offers “Turn-key” solutions from initial planning and design to equipment supply, implementation. And long term management. The type of PV installations covers the following:
  • Off-grid solar and hybrid systems for remote location.
  • Solar irrigation systems.
  • Heating systems for domestic applications, swimming pools and industrial heating systems.
  • Discrete central solar street lighting systems.

EPROM today acknowledged as one of the most qualified and successful project developers. We provide full “Turn-key” solutions to investors worldwide.

Why choose us?

  • The energy yield of our plant are highest recorded in each location.
  • Our engineering team has a high expertise and training.
  • Our technician has a long experience even in installations with very particular requirements.
  • We have established cooperation with all major equipment manufactures.
  • Our solar plants are designed with no compromises regarding the quality of equipment, taking into account the individual challenges of each application.