Test Run Evaluation

EPROM has the capability to evaluate plant, processor equipment performance test runs.

EPROM conduct the process or plant performance test run to evaluate the plant capacity, equipment performance and efficiency, products yield and specifications, utility (Steam, Electricity, fuel, and cooling water) consumption furthermore environmental impacts.

EPROM provides the highly experienced manpower, procedures, reporting and planning schemes to manage and execute the performance test run different activities as follow:
  • Managing and planning plant catalyst and chemicals provisioning as test run specification.
  • Managing and insuring that feedstock, raw material and utilities meet the design specification.
  • Preceding the test run according to the operation manual.
  • Providing test data sheets/logs.
  • Adjusting the operating conditions.
  • Perform product sampling and laboratory test schedules.

  • Middle East Oil Refinery (MIDOR).
  • Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC).
  • Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB).
  • Egyptian Styrene & Polystyrene production company (ESTYRENICS).