EPROM executes a planned, safe pre commissioning services to expedite and accelerate the project completion and transfer to the operational "commercial phase".

EPROM has the experience to provide top notch Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities on behalf of the owner with the licensors (UOP, KTI, TTIL, CONOCO PHILLIPS, AKZONOBLE, LATON RYTHON, HALDOR TOPOSE, IFP, and BECHTEL).

EPROM provides the necessary pre commissioning tests to assess the user compliance with design, operation & connection conditions, which must be carried out prior to commissioning. In addition to execution, planning, procedures and evaluation services, including cleaning of pipes, blowing, flushing, mechanical cleaning of vessels, tanks and no load test runs of rotating equipment motors.

  • Middle East Oil Refinery (MIDOR).
  • Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC).
  • Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB).
  • Egyptian Styrene & Polystyrene production company (ESTYRENICS).