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MOPCO Major Shutdown – Waste Heat Boiler Replacement Job

MOPCO Major Shutdown – Waste Heat Boiler Replacement Job Eng. Amgad Al-Ahmady Mohamed, Chairman and CEO of Egyptian Projects Operation and Maintenance (EPROM), said that EPROM Company has successfully completed the project of replacement of Waste Heat Boiler (WHB) for the Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO) at Damietta. The scope of the work was as follows:
Lifting and transporting old WHB (55 Ton) from the temporary platform in site to the scrap area.
Transporting new WHB bundle with its temporary shell (35 ton) to the site and resting it vertically on the temporary platform.
Lifting the old shell (25 Ton) from the main WHB and resting it horizontally in site for inspection.
Lifting the temporary shell (5 Ton) and resting it on the old bundle.
Lifting and tilting the old shell (25 Ton) after inspection using two suitable cranes and resting it on the new bundle.
Lifting and transporting Old W.H.B bundle with temporary shell (35 Ton) to scrap area.
Lifting and assembling New W.H.B bundle with Old shell (55 Ton) on the Online Position.
Avail the cranes and manpower to perform the replacement activities.
Chairman & CEO confirmed the completion of the Jobs as per Client Major Turnaround Master Plan. The Job was completed during September 2019 according to Highest Levels of Standards, Quality & Safety manner that met all Clients’ requirements & needs.
Project Team; Eng, Hisham El Deeb, Eng. Ahmed Mesbah Youssef, Eng. Hazem Yousry, Eng.Ahmed Abo Ouf, Mr. Hazem Moawad, Eng. Mohamed Sha'ban, Mr. Mohamed Fathy, and many thanks for the support of Eng. Ahmed Khaleel, Eng. Rania Alaa, Eng. Mohamed Talaat, Eng. Alaa Shabara, Ms. Dalia Fathi, Mr. Wael Hamad, Mr. Mohamed El-Serafy.