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Employees Meeting in Company Headquarters

Employees Meeting in Company Headquarters Believing in the importance of meeting with company workforce and calibres Eng. Nabil Afifi; EPROM Chairman and C.E.O., dedicated enough time to hold the routine meeting with EPROM employees in the Headquarters on 22 November 2014, in the presence of Eng. Sayed El-Kharashy, Eng. Mohamed El-Shafei, Eng. Ibrahim El-Kilany.

As planned the Company Chairman listened to the views of Company workers and discussed the matters of concern directly with them aiming to choose the most appropriate and executable of their suggested solutions. They were also updated with Company’s special activities and achievements during the previous period.

The desire was to identify the most common problems and obstacles, find appropriate solutions thereto in order to clear their minds to allow for high performance level and urge them towards innovation. Employees were encouraged to raise their work targets and strive to put EPROM in the ranks of the world's major companies.