Maintenance Planing Management

Significant advances in computer hardware and software development have affected most areas of business and industry, and the area of maintenance planning and management with no exception. The use of computerized maintenance management systems, which are commonly referred to as CMMS, is no longer a luxury or frivolous business overhead; in many cases, it is a requirement. Enterprises that want to attain ISO, QS certification will discover that application of CMMS is a fundamental requirement to successfully obtain and maintain such certifications.

Maintenance management may be a key strategic variable in the quest for waste that will lead eventually to strong competitive advantage. Leading companies understand the necessity for linking production planning with maintenance planning activities in order to reduce waste. Waste is inherently greater if production and maintenance plans are not linked, made poorly or not followed closely.

EPROM has a special team for Maintenance Planning & CMMS Activities covering all tasks and assignment concerning Software Selection process, implementation, Development, Maintenance work Instruction (MWIs), Routines Planning & Scheduling, Resources allocation, Material Coding and classification, Work Order Management process, in addition to shutdown Activities, Maintenance Planning & CMMS tasks can be summarized as follows:
  • Provision of effective Planning service for ordinary Maintenance Activities.
  • Provision of an effective Planning service for Shutdown & Major Inspection Activities.
  • Monitoring & Development of Maintenance key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Consultation services with other parties.

CMMS / EAM/ ERP System(s) Experience:
  • SAP.
  • PEMAC.
  • EMPAC.
  • ORACLE e-Business Suite.

  • Middle East Oil Refinery (MIDOR).
  • Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC).
  • Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB).
  • Egyptian Styrene & Polystyrene production company (ESTYRENICS).
  • Egyptian Refining Company (ERC).