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Other Services

QA & QC Services:

Our QA/QC services help control quality through the life of a project from pre-construction through design, construction, and start – up, pre-commissioning and commissioning. We have a highly qualified QA/QC team who could be seconded to various clients worldwide. This covers a range of QA/QC activities including shop inspection, material fabrication, construction, installations and commissioning of all onshore and offshore industrial projects.

Integrity Management:

Through our activities we aim to assure the asset owners of the integrity of their plant and equipment so as to avoid unplanned maintenance and repair activities with subsequent loss of production. We provide teams comprising of experienced Inspection Engineers, Corrosion Engineers and NDT Specialists.

Third Party Inspection:

We provide an extensive range of third party vendor inspection related services to engineering & procurement clients on a global basis. Qualified personnel offer experience in supplier assessments, inspection, expediting, project personnel outsourcing, destructive, non-destructive testing and coordination. These help customers to reduce costs whilst adhering to technical and commercial requirements.