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Remote Visual Inspection (R.V.I)

RVI is an enhanced visual examination method that facilitates acquisition of visual data by means of visual aids including but not limited to video bore scopes, push cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras and robotic crawlers. It is commonly used where distance, angle of view and limited lighting may impair direct visual examination or where access is limited by time financial constraints or atmospheric hazards. RVI is commonly used as a predictive maintenance or regularly scheduled maintenance tool to assess the "health" and operability of fixed and portable assets. RVI/RDVI enables greater inspection coverage, inspection repeatability and data comparison. RVI tool is sent through the small opening of the remote places and the internal images are sent back to the inspector’s observation screen, where the inspector can inspect & record the images. Test report is given with cd of recoded inspection video.

Technique capability:

  • RVI tool is designed in a way that can be rotated at 90°.
  • Minimum accessible opening for RVI tool is 10mm.