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Internal Rotary Inspection System (I.R.I.S)

Internal rotary inspection system (IRIS) is an ultrasonic method for the nondestructive testing of pipes and tubes. The IRIS probe is inserted into a tube that is flooded with water, and the probe is pulled out slowly as the data is displayed and recorded. The ultrasonic beam allows detection of metal loss from the inside and outside of the tube wall. This advanced inspection uses ultrasonic technology to measure wall thinning and pitting due to corrosion and erosion in the tubes.

Technique capability:

  • Both ferrous & non-ferrous materials can be inspected.
  • Detects general wall thinning such as corrosion, erosion and localized defects such as pitting and wear scars. Measures the absolute wall thickness of the tube.
  • Inspection speed 2inch/s.
  • Productivity 80 tubes per shift (may differ based on site condition).