Information Technology

Medical Information System (MIS)

One of our products is the Medical Information System which is an end-to-end solution designed for the management and administration of health insurance or medical aid business processes.

Medical Information System provides all major core health plan administration functions in a single, fully integrated solution. From relatives’ registration, to suppliers’ claims, and refund handling, the system is a complete end-to-end solution.

Main objective is to manage the health insurance business processes, providing all required features to control/manage the health insurance business processes and capability to generate all required reports from MIS database.

Keeping the historical data is one of the big benefits from MIS database. Historical data is considered as an asset for any enterprise helping in analysing the history and considering future decision accordingly.

Main Features:

  1. Prescriptions:
    • Register new Prescriptions
    • Merge Prescriptions
    • Monthly Prescriptions
    • In advance Prescriptions
    • Register new Medicines
    • Register new Diagnoses
  2. Claims:
    • Register suppliers’ claims
    • Calculate discount value
  3. Refund:
    • Register employee receipts
    • Calculate covering value
  4. Sick Leave:
    • Register sick leaves
    • Integrate sick leaves with Oracle HR Core module
  5. Employee Relatives Subscriptions:
    • Register Employee Relatives
    • Calculate subscription monthly fees
    • Integrate calculated feed to Oracle Payroll module
  6. Users Logins:
    • Register new users
    • Grant/Revoke permissions for registered users
  7. KPIs:
    • Set of KPIs for supported features displayed in dashboard
  8. Alerts:
    • Set of Alerts notifying the users with specific actions (e.g. employees exceeds their limit)
  9. Reports:
    • Set of reports covering supported features