Information Technology

EPROM End of Service System (EOS)

End of service financial benefits considered as one of the major benefits provided to permanent petroleum employees according to list of EGPC regulations.

EPROM End of service management system (EOS) is a software package designed to process all work functions for the below systems:
  • End of service reward system
  • Complementary Pension system
  • Social care (death) system

Main features:

  • Calculate employee benefits automatically through list of processes, screens and reports which limit manual activities and save time and effort.
  • Provide integration with Oracle HR and Payroll to get required information for calculation which provides accurate and quick results.
  • Keeping the historical data is one of the big benefits from EOS database, which help in analyzing the history and considering future decision accordingly.
  • Provide screens for system setup data, which give the user high flexibility to change system parameters and get fast and accurate results.
  • Provide high security through permissions and rules assigned to the users which guarantees the confidentiality of data.