EGPC Asssignments

Thanks to EPROM successful experience in the field of projects operation & maintenance for oil refineries, petrochemical and gas plants, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) has assigned EPROM to implement and undertake the following tasks on its behalf;
  1. Implement the ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) approach in all oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
  2. Study of all alternatives for water, utilities, Hydrogen & Energy saving methods in all EGPC companies.
  3. Preliminary technical study for a new Atmospheric Distillation Unit in Alexandria Area with capacity 5million ton/year.
  4. Provide technical consultancy services to oil refineries.
  5. Study Crude & Products networks and pipelines integration and coordination between Alexandria Petroleum Companies.
  6. Apply Linear Programming (LP) in oil refineries.
  7. Study of debottlenecking in the Storage of petroleum Products in order to facilitate export and import process of petroleum products.


Alexandria Petroleum Company – APC
Al Amreya Petroleum Refining Company – APRC
Cairo Oil Refining Company – CORC
Alexandria National Refining and Petrochemical Company – ANRPC
Middle East Oil Refinery – MIDOR
Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene - ELAB
Assiut oil Refining Company-ASORC
Al-Nasr Petroleum Company-NPC
Suez Oil Processing Company- SOPC