HCU, HPU and VDU Area Shift Leader

Posted: 21-Oct-2015

The shift leader is responsible for supervising the shift operations team on the HCU, HPU and VDU process area to ensure safe, efficient operation of the units in compliance with the company standards and procedures.

The shift leader is reporting to the Operation Area Supervisor.


An Oil Refinery Located in Mostorod Area , Cairo , EGYPT, with capacity 140,000 BPD, Operates different units as NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit , Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit , and TGU.


  1. Ensure plant and personal safety is maintained through the application of refinery safety procedures.
  2. Ensure compliance with the company’s total quality management policies.
  3. Ensure refinery environmental procedures are followed on his shift.
  4. Co-ordinate emergency and fire-fighting procedures until support arrive.
  5. Maintain plant conditions within safe operating limits.
  6. Prepare and issue permits to work (hot or cold) on his area within his delegated authority.
  7. Ensure sufficient operating manpower is available.
  8. Establish and communicate daily operating plans.
  9. Prepare technical reports to inform management on unit conditions.
  10. Co-ordinate and supervise plant maintenance with the shift maintenance engineer.
  11. Ensure implementation of area supervisor instructions.
  12. Conduct on-the-job training for all new employees and trainees
  13. Propose Motivation of subordinates on his shift according to their skills and efficiency

    Knowledge and Experience in the following areas is desirable

    1.       Extensive knowledge in operating HCU, HPU and VDU units.

    2.       Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.

    3.       Evaluate, prioritize, organize and delegate work schedules.

    4.       React quickly and effectively when dealing with challenging situations.

    5.       Able to work on SAP system.

    6.       Communicate effectively with all personnel.

    7.       Able to communicate in English written and spoken.

    YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Minimum 17 years of experience in similar position in oil and gas industry.

    TYPE OF EDUCATION: must have at least a secondary school certificate/diploma.

    No Formal Certificate