Fire Shift Team Leader (1 / 2023)

Posted: 17-Jan-2023

Lead the shift fire crew in fire fighting and emergency services within the site, LIAISON with Mutual Aid Partner Companies Fire CrewsTraining, MTC & inspection of fire equipment.

1- Support Company Health, Safety and Environment policies, Comply with the Tank farm safety procedures and ensure the safety of all personnel and the firemen, Comply with the site environmental & occupational health procedures.

2- Implement emergency fire and rescue services to control and contain an incident :Supervise and lead firefighting and rescue crews , Use appropriate communication links, Lead resources to control and contain an incident, Handover the scene of an incident to responsible persons.

3- Assist in the review of possible causes of an incident, Assist in the preliminary investigation to identify the supposed cause, development of an incident, help to gather evidence and physically material evidence, Provide assistance to determine the source, ignition and spread of the fire, Provide information for the completion of the incident report. Prepare preliminary incident report.

4- Advice site staff on the necessary fire protection measures required of them: Identify fire hazards on the tank farm and in the area under discussion, Ensure staff understand the nature of the hazard and the reasons for specific protection measures, Advise relevant measures and implement as appropriate, Assist training department on fire prevention and firefighting training for all siteStaff.

5- Motivate, train and develop the fire team to enhance performance Participate in safety exercises to control fires, Participate in routine fire drills for fire team, Monitor performance of firemen to ensure their effectiveness, Assess performance of firemen in key areas to identify training and development needs, Implement departmental procedures in respect of training and development.

6- Participate in routine fire inspections, fire drills and the inspection/overhaul of extinguishers and other fire safety equipment, Inspect allsitefacilities and asses for fire hazards, Direct routine inspection and overhaul of all safety equipment, Lead regular practice drills for the fire team(s), Monitor regular fire evacuation drills in all refinery areas, Prepare shift plan, schedule and perform the inspections and test required by procedures.

7- Manage the maintenance of firefighting & safety equipment in good condition and make necessary recommendations as and when needed.

8- Ensure coordination with Safety Senior Manager concerning readiness at all times of Firefighting & Safety and availability of fire trucks.

9- Approve routine maintenance on firefighting & safety equipment schedules.

10- Contribute to the improved of the effectiveness of the fire and rescue services.

11- Demonstrate the performance of fire fighting materials and equipment and recommend changes where appropriate.

12- Comment on the performance of the fire and rescue service in tackling incidents and in training and implement necessary changes to the deployment of the team.

13- Report on the condition of equipment and give advance notice of the need for replenishment of consumables.

14- Ensure proper documentation and continuous updates related to firefighting & safety and submit reports of any accidents to Safety & Environmental Affairs.

1- Extensive knowledge in HSE. 

2- React quickly and effectively when dealing with challenging situations.

3- Communicate effectively with all personnel.

4- Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.

5- Able to communicate in English written and spoken.

6- Must Have at least Bachelor’s Degree or Chemistry Or Chemical Engineering or Secondary  School / Diploma Degree.

7- Minimum 12 years of experience in similar position in oil and gas industry for BSC Degree.

8- Minimum 17 years of experience in similar position in oil and gas industry for Secondary School School / Diploma Degree.

9- Communication Skills.

10- Occupational Health and Safety Management.

11- React quickly and effectively when dealing with challenging situations.

12- Communicate effectively with all personnel.

13- Leadership & management  skills.

No Formal Certificate