Document Controller ( 11 / 2022 )

Posted: 27-Mar-2022

The Document Controller is responsible for controlling the numbering, filing, sorting and retrieval of electronically stored or hard copy documentation produced by technical teams, projects or departments in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

The Document Controller is reporting to the Engineering General Manager

1-Support all technical departments in the project.

2-Receive catalogues and store hard copies and electronic copies of all technical drawings, reports and related information in an orderly manner, in line with policies and procedures.

3-Allocate and control the document numbering system for the project work.

4-Work with precision to ensure that all electronic and hard copy filing is accurate and is easily retrievable.

5-To be proficient in all of the document management systems to ensure search, view, print capability and to be able to check the latest revision of documentation

6-Maintain a central project filing system for both technical and non-technical data.

7-Attend relevant progress meetings to ensure awareness of documentation status and all planned activities

8- Circulate documents for review, information, approval by formal transmittals on e-mail templates.

9- Ensure all project deliverables are stored in the EDMS at every revision and in all relevant formats.

10-Respond in a timely manner to requests to search, retrieve information and general requests to support all project/department personnel.

11-To accurately enter and update information in the document management system.

12-Manage the documentation flow for compilation of Certification/Verification/Fabrication dossiers.


1-Strong IT, database and communication skills.

2-Experience with document control packages

3-Utilizing a range of office software, including email, and databases .

4-Ability to evaluate, prioritize, organize and delegate work schedules.

5-Able to react quickly and effectively when dealing with challenging situations.

6- Assisting departments with queries on documentation requirements & submissions.


1-Very Good English

2-Excellent computer skills

3-DCC Certificate/diploma is a plus

4-Bachelor in any related field

Bachelor Degree