Tank Farm Shift Superintendent ( 2 / 2022 )

Posted: 27-Feb-2022

Supervise & monitor safe operations within movement of Crude Oil to the tank farm in addition to all relevant process facilities and utilities as well as sampling and analysis through directing and leading the operation team on shift basis, based on oil movement schedules following Safety standards and regulations, to take immediate charge in emergency situations; to ensure his shift team comply with their responsibilities as defined in the integrated health, safety, environmental and quality management system.

1.      Communicate with the Scheduling & Oil Movement of Petroleum Pipeline Company to facilitate changes of planned crude oil movement schedules.                                       

2.      Supervise all unloading and loading operations and all relevant process and utilities operations to Crude oil movement from / to tank farms based on agreed schedules.   

3.      Coordinate with Maintenance and Safety & Environmental Affairs functions for maintenance and repair work,   

4.      Ensure proper allocation of resources based on plan and needs                                                  

5.      Apply the relevant roles within Emergency response plan                                              

6.      Authorize permits to work regarding to PTW system levels of authorization.                           

7.      Visit the job site and examine the circumstances in which the work is to be completed.        

8.      Arrange for any necessary isolations and gas tests.                                                         

9.      Identify all necessary precautions to be observed while performing works.                              

10.   Ensure safe and efficient equipment operations                                                                              

11.   Collect daily readings and shift log sheets as instructed                                                                 

12.   Report activities progress and Issue operating summary in shift basis                                        

13.   Ensure safe hand over to shift activities.                                                                                           

14.   Identify opportunities for improving tank farm performance                                                       

15.   Participate the development of the annual budget plan.                                                               

16.   Monitor all activities in tank farm and ensure the implementation of the policies and procedures and ensure proper compliance is followed.                                                                 

17.   Manage and control all safety and environmental activities to prevent pollution and ensure compliance to safety rules and regulations.                                                                                      

18.   Report all employees’ performance evaluation within the tank farm and the recommend necessary trainings needed for the employees.                                                                               

19.   Monitor operating costs related to contractors and materials in Facilities to optimize expenditures within approved budget.                                                                                               

20. Review daily/monthly reports 


1- Extensive knowledge in Managing and operating Offsite and tank farms.

2- Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.

3- Able to communicate in English written and spoken.

4- Bachelor degree in Engineering / Science MBA or Master’s in a relevant field is a plus.

5- Minimum 14 -16 years of experience in similar position in oil and gas industry.


1.      Control room System Operations.                                                                                                       

2.      Communicate effectively with all personnel.                                       

3.      Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.                                                           

4.      Occupational Health and Safety Management.                                                                                

5.      Laboratory Chemical Evaluation.                                                                                          

6.      Crude Oil Quality Assurance.                                                                                                                                

Bachelor Degree