APEX Oracle Database Developer ( 2 / 21 )

Posted: 16-Feb-2021

 Will be responsible for all aspects related to Oracle Database management that includes but not limited to developing, monitoring , maintaining , optimizing and securing


  1. Design and develop scripts using SQL/PL SQL for data extraction,migration, transformation and aggregation from various sources
  2. Monitor and maintain Oracle databases to ensure performance, availability, and security
  3. Design,develop, implement and maintain core Oracle applications Database
  4. Support and collaborate with Oracle developers
  5. Create a reliable backup strategy. Ensure database backups are appropriately executed and periodic restorations are exercised to ensure backup quality
  6. Optimise and simplify Database architecture
  7. Determine and document DB policies, procedures and standards
  8. Work as necessary with internal and external support functions when major incidents occur. 
  9. Performance testing and evaluation to ensure data security, privacy and integrity.
  10. Experience in development for business intelligence reports

  1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or relevant field  with up to 3 years experience.
  2. Proven work experience as a Database developer.
  3.  Familiarity with Oracle database design, coding, and documentation.
  4. Knowledge of software development and user interface web applications.
  5. Professional with database backup procedures, recovery systems, and PL/SQL.
  6. Excellent attention to detail
  7. Effective listening, communication (verbal and written) and presentation skills
  8. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  9. Successful time management and ability to adapt quickly to changing  priorities
  10. Oracle certification will be considered as an adva ntage

Bachelor Degree