120418 # Area 2B - Outside Operator (National)

Posted: 03-May-2018


An Oil Refinery Located in Mostorod Area, Cairo, EGYPT, with capacity 140,000 BPD, Operates different units as NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit, Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit, and TGU.

Position purpose:

To control and operate unit equipment of the relevant section of Area 2B (Delayed Cocker) outside in the field, in a safe way, and in collaboration with the shift organization, Shift Team Leader and DCS Panel Operator

  1. Ensuring compliance with the Refinery Production Plan requirements, instructions and KPIs
  2. Direct shift personnel, providing guidance, motivation and training; contribute to the preparation and management of plant shutdowns and other special activities.

Not less than 5 years’ experience in this relevant units (for Graduate), and not less than 8 years (for Secondary School).     

No Formal Certificate