HSE Admin Assistant

Posted: 07-Feb-2017

• Analyze Safety incident and injury data and work activities to provide relevant and up to date information to support the organization in managing safety decision making at Projerct.

• Keep safety performance under continuous review and provide advice to Management on performance trends and areas that should be targeted for improvements Identify, design and implement process improvements within SHE Performance and Reporting

• Assist with periodic audits and training to ensure the highest quality of data and reports are maintained To work as a team and independently, in order to produce ad-hoc reports and monthly reports in a timely and efficient manner 

  1. Assist the QHSE Manager in all HSE administrative requirements
  2. Assist and support the QHSE Manager to implement the QHSE Policy of the Company.
  3. Compliance with all company policies as detailed in the company handbook, employee meetings, postings, etc.
  4. Implement and coordinate safety programs to prevent or correct unsafe working conditions.
  5. Coordinate & ensure all required training is performed on time.
  6. Conduct training on safety procedures including equipment, devices and PPE.
  7. Ensure that learnings from accidents and incidents are shared and suitable remedial action taken where necessary
  8. Develop various HSE deliverables such as HSE Programs, HSE Training, and HSE Statistics
  9. Manage reports and present summaries to management with suggested solutions.
  10. Assist the QHSE Manager in the implementation of Safety Committees, Investigations Teams and dissemination of safety related information
  11. Update (as required) the yearly Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Plan.
  12. Handle safety assessments (JHA's) and deploy corrective measures to minimize hazards.
  13. Execute safety programs to minimize company safety losses.
  14. Prepare & Assist the implementation of the approved QHSE Training Matrix.
  15. Coordinate the Company Risk Matrix as well as the Action Tracking Register.
  16. Prepare and follow up the HSE organization roster and the regular meetings preparation.
  17. Ensure that the QHSE Management System is maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 900land OHSAS 18001.
  18. Ensure that objectives and targets of QHSE Management System program have been met.
  19. Ensure that learnings from accidents and incidents are shared and suitable remedial action taken where necessary
  20. Coordinate & ensure all required training is performed on time
  21. Liaise with the interested parties relating to any QHSE concer

1.Academic Qualifications:

• A Bachelor's degree in a related area and/or10 years of related experience inOil/gas operations, or equivalent work experience 

• A Knowledge of specific Local Safety regulatory data report and recordkeeping requirements (OSHA) a plus Knowledge of relevant industry practice and legislation 

• Excellent time management skills and ability to juggle several projects simultaneously.

2.Years of Experience:

 From (5 - 15) years of working experience in HSSE in the field of Oil and Gas.

3. Proficiency & Experience:

 Knowledge of HSSE procedures laws, regulations, standards.

 Evidence of continued developed in fields of HSE Management System.

 Full awareness of OHSAS 18001 and internal audit  techniques

Aware of Integrated  accident & incident investigation management techniques.

-      Presentation Skills

-      Reporting Skills

-      Coaching Skills

-      Creativity and ability to work under pressure

-       Negotiation Skills

-      Interviewing Skills

-      Leadership Skills

-      Communications and interpersonal skills

-      Organizational and time-management skills.

•      Flexible in terms of:

-      Listening to others opinions.

-      Accepting criticism & change

-      Being highly motivated.

•      Adaptable in terms of:

-      Responding to emergency.

-      Being highly organized.

-      Able to developed

-      Initiative.

4. Competencies

Open to new ideas.

•      Expressing positive I-can/I-care attitude in terms of:

-      Effective achievement of the assigned targets.

-      Willing to accept other responsibilities and tasks.

-      Positive attitude to face any problems that arise.

•      Team player in terms of:

-      Sharing knowledge.

-      Cooperative.

-      Excellent communication skills.