Operation shift manager

Posted: 08-Jan-2017

Operation shift manager shall provide full coordination, integration for all production units, Utilities and Facilities in order to maintain production this position will provide leadership and direction to Process Area & utilities Shift Leaders.

The Shift manager is reporting to the Operation General Manager.

Project Description:

An Oil Refinery Located in Mostorod Area , Cairo , EGYPT, with capacity 140,000 BPD, Operates different units as NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit , Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit , and TGU.

1. Ensure company health, safety and environmental policies.

2. Ensure all operations and activities are carried out to the best industry standards and according to refinery procedures and work instructions.

3. Follow up and monitor the implementation of operations guidelines, policies and work instructions.

4. Ensure the efficiency and reliability of the process and utilities units.

5. Mentor the refinery operation team to ensure compliance with production requirement and quality system.

6. Monitor and improve the services provided by operation during shift. 

7. Direct the activity of shutdowns and other special activities.

8. Ensure a culture of quality and safety while developing the skills and effectiveness of the operation teams.

9. Ensure a shared skills approach to operation tasks in support of production efficiencies.

10. Ensure refinery regulations in respect of emergency shutdown systems are implemented, including routine testing, over-rides and reporting of incidents.

1. Extensive knowledge in (NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit, Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities and Facilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit and TGU.)

2. Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.

3. Good leadership and communication skills 

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Minimum 16 years of experience in similar filed of experience in oil and gas industry.

TYPE OF EDUCATION: must have at least a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or Science or equivalent.

No Formal Certificate