Safety engineer

Posted: 04-Dec-2016

Eprom is looking for highly experienced Safety engineer to fill the role of health & safety Activities in project located in Cairo.

Health Safety  engineer shall provide all necessary safety advise to the line management to maintained safety and health to all refinery employee and safe working invironment reporting to HSE Manager.

Project description :

An Oil refinery Located in Mostorod Area, Cairo, Egypt, operates different units as NHT, CCR, HCU, VDU, DCU, Water treatment unit, H2S recovery, S RU, TGU And Utilities.

  1. Advise and Support operation Shift supervisors on the Refinery Hhealth and Safety Management System.
  2. Advise the shift supervisors on preparation and issue of permits to work.
  3. Perform Gas Testing as required.
  4. Inspect  Process equipment condition, Scaffolding and Approve for Use.
  5. Inspect Equipment and Vehicles Entering the Refinery or Associated Areas
  6. Monitor the Availability and Condition of Breathing Apparatus
  7. Assist in the Investigation of Accidents and Incidents.
  8. Report Activities and Concerns.
  9. Insure all risqué equipment are in good condition to be used in case of the emergency.
  10. Insure all unnecessary employee are directed to assembly point and head count is implemented.
  11. Insure all firefighter and operators in safe position during firefighting.
  12. Insure that all safety equipment required for handling emergency are provided.
  13. Insure all refinery road are controlled.

Type of education: 

Must Have at least Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Or Chemical Engineering.


Minimum 5 years in refineries and Oil and gas industries.

No Formal Certificate