Banking Department Manager

Posted: 09-Oct-2016

The Banking Department manager will oversee and manage the day-to-day activities of the treasury function related to cash flow management, short and long term cash forecasting, line of credit borrowings, lender compliance, lender relationships, foreign exchange, interest rates/expense and debt management necessary to optimize cash position and return on capital and to facilitate the financial transactions of the organization.

1. Manage all cash management functions including cash vouchers, wire transfers, L.G., L.C. and cash against documents.

2. Manage all aspects of cash flow forecast and position.

3. Assess, monitor and manage the efficient utilization of cash and financial services. 

4. Forecast daily cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions.

5. Develop and monitor treasury operational policies.

6. Determining day cash positions, processing transaction.

7. Ensure sufficient funds are available and liquidity is adequate for working capital.

8. Consider costs and benefits of potential actions to provide recommendations.

9. Perform credit rating and debt analysis on the industry and market comparisons.

10. Reconciliation of key Banking related general and sub-ledger accounts.

11. Understand and manage appropriate accounting procedures and processes.

12. Ensure cash transactions are appropriately journalized.

13. Responsible for various debt and treasury month-end and quarter-end analyses

14. Ensure integration with the Company’s ERP system (SAP)

15. Review of operating accounts reconciliations.

16. Responsible of managing deposits and preparing interest earnings Reports.

17. Ensure all documents are numbered and recorded in accordance with company’s system.

18. Reports with respect to the company’s cash and debt position.

19. Manage relationship with financial service providers including banks.

20. Evaluate banks and their services to maximize company’s profitability.

21. Build strong cross functional partnerships to resolve processing issues with other departments. 

22. Establish the banking structure and manages the daily banking relationships.

23. Conduct/coordinate cash management internal and external audit efforts.

24. Evaluate and implement new bank technologies, products and services.

25. Maintains accurate records, control reports and secure filing system.

26. Other assigned duties and responsibilities as required.

27. Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential."

1. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented and have excellent prioritization skills.

2. Rely on extensive experience and judgment to successfully plan and accomplish goals.

3. Proven ability to calculate and manage accounting figures and financial records.

4. Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

5. Complete understanding of general accounting principles.

6. Analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to investigate and resolve problems.

7. Experience and thorough knowledge of accounting software systems.

8. Excellent communication skills for communicating with staff members and management.

9. Capable of handling multiple tasks.

10. Strong interpersonal communication skills.

11. Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

12. Strong commands of oral and written English.

Years of Experience Required: 12 Years of experience in Accounting.

Type of Education: Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Accounting department.

No Formal Certificate