Banking Accountant

Posted: 09-Oct-2016

The Banking Accountant assists the Banking Department Manager to achieve the company's financial plans and policies, its accounting practices, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports of cash and cash equivalents including daily bank reconciliations and related accounting reconciliations and bookkeeping.

1. Handling cash management transactions, functions including cash vouchers, wire transfers,  L.G., L.C. and cash againist documents.

2. Assist Banking department manager in all aspects of banks accounts and cash control.

3. Assists in the daily forecast of cash requirements.

4. Ensure the monthly bank compliance activities are performed.

5. Execute daily financial work decisions including suppliers’ payments.

6. Consider foreign exchange and currency fluctuations impacts and prepare the reports regarding that.

7. Assists with ensuring payments are made as per company’s policies and according to payments orders.

8. Maintains accurate records and control reports.

9. Monitor bank accounts, loans and debt payments.

10. Ensure proper calculation of bank charges and interests.

11. Ensure the monthly bank compliance activities are performed.

12. Provide bookkeeping and bank reconciliations for all accounts as assigned.

13. Participate in month end close, including reconciliation of all banks accounts.

14. Work through SAP to ensure transactions are appropriately processed.

15. Prepares cash flow and operating funds reports.

16. Reports on liquidity versus forecasting requirements.

17. Maintains accurate records, control reports and secure filing system.

18. Other assigned duties and responsibilities as required.

19. Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.

1. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented.

2. Rely on extensive experience and judgment to successfully plan and accomplish goals.

3. Proven ability to calculate and manage accounting figures and financial records.

4. Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

5. Complete understanding of general accounting principles.

6. Analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to investigate and resolve problems.

7. Experience and thorough knowledge of accounting software systems.

8. Excellent communication skills for communicating with staff members and management.

9. Capable of handling multiple tasks.

10. Strong interpersonal communication skills.

11. Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

12. Strong commands of oral and written English.

Years of Experience Required: 4-6 Years of experience in Accounting.

Type of Education: Bachelor's degree in Commerce, Accounting department.


No Formal Certificate