IT Manager

Posted: 26-Sep-2016

We are looking for an IT manager who has the ability to allocate resources wisely and proactively to ensure business satisfaction and seek continuous improvement, enhanced safety and security, and obtain cost savings.

  1. Be knowledgeable in all plant aspects with reference to IT hardware,software & cyber security.
  2. Assure prompt and effective action is taken to resolve technical problems and minimize repetitive issues.
  3. Identify all available technologies to facilitate / enhance the performance of the communication systems in the company.
  4.  Oversee the design , implementation and integration of the company's information systems & infrastucture.
  5. Develop expense and capital budgets and operate the IT department within budget parameters. 
  6. Develop business plans, IT strategy, and other key targets for the IT department.
  7. Monitor outputs and services to ensure that SLAs, and other quality metrics, are being met.
  8. Work with vendors to understand their technology roadmaps.
  9. The ability to manage technical teams & maintain a productive teamwork enviroment.
  10. Ensure all required compliance audits are performed, gaps are communicated, and deficiency plans are developed and implemented.
  11. Submit   necessary reports (weekly – monthly- yearly) to Refinery Technical Services General Manager on accomplishments, gaps, and improvement plan progress.

  1. A minimum of  12 years of experience in the same field.
  2. At least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering ,computer science or equivalent
  3. Excelent command of spoken & written english language
  4. Excelent Time management & Communication Skills
  5. Excelent Leadership Skills
  6. The ability to work under pressure