Gas Lab Chemist

Posted: 08-May-2016

Safely conduct laboratory studies experiments and analyses, and maintain Gas laboratory high calibre through maintaining a QC/QA system execution and monitoring.


An Oil Refinery Located in Mostorod Area , Cairo , EGYPT, with capacity 140,000 BPD, Operates different units as NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit , Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit , and TGU.

Responsibility 1 Main Tasks.

Task 1.1 Design, plan and conduct the special tests on samples in the Gas Laboratory, ensuring the tests are undertaken in compliance with applicable procedures, methods, quality standards and protocols.

Task 1.2 Use LIMS and LIMS-DMS to document / record the results, maintain analytical records (electronic, hard copy), prepare lab study finding reports and technical notes related to Gas lab special samples experiments and tests.

Task 1.3 Assist Gas Lab supervisor in maintaining laboratory quality control system and required laboratory accreditations and various periodical reports. 

Task 1.4 Ensure execution of the identified HSE risks that could be encountered during each lab test/experiment.

Task 1.5 Perform periodic calibration of Gas Laboratory equipment in the Analytical laboratories.

Task 1.6 Assist the Laboratory Gas supervisor in undertaking test/experiments in the chemical laboratory.

Task 1.7 Coordinate the collection of Gas laboratory special analyses from refinery process units and offsite locations under carefully controlled conditions.

Task 1.8 Keep knowledge of chemicals and glassware inventory.  

Task 1.9 Assist in preparation of development programs for new employees in the day to day training of new employees as per their development programs.

Task 1.10 Assist in conducting the QA laboratory function in cooperation with Gas Laboratory Supervisor and perform all tasks request by laboratory manager related to his job description.


Responsibility 2 Support Refinery Health and Safety Management System

Task 2.1 Maintain refinery and personal safety by following safety procedures and laboratory safety rules.

Task 2.2 Ensure hazardous chemicals are handled and stored according to laboratory regulations Task 

Task 2.3 Ensure that visitors are escorted when requested and that they follow safety procedures Task

Task 2.4 Identify and follow up reported potential hazards


Responsibility 3 Support Refinery Environmental Management System


Task 3.1 Advice and support shift laboratory personnel in environmental matters.

Task 3.2 Offer specialist laboratory expertise in the event of an environmental incident during the shift


Responsibility 4 Provide Specialist Expertise to Laboratory and Operations Personnel.


Task 4.1 Respond to requests for technical advice on analytical and related matters Task 

Task 4.2 Refer to the Laboratory manager for specialist advise when necessary 

Task 4.3 Advise and oversee the calibration of laboratory equipment

Task 4.4 Carry out special tests and analyses

Task 4.5 Assist in administering comparison of results programmes



Responsibility 5 Perform Investigations into Analytical and Chemistry-related Problems Arising 


Task 5.1 Identify the likely root cause of the problem

Task 5.2 Collect physical evidence of the problem

Task 5.3 Collect evidence of operational history of the activity concerned

Task 5.4 As required, carry out physical/chemical examinations. 

Task 5.5 Identify causes of problem and possible solutions

Task 5.6 Report findings to Laboratory Manager

Task 5.7 Prepare technical reports according to departmental procedure, recommending action required, for approval by Laboratory Manager

Task 5.8 Present results of investigations

Task 5.9 Discuss reports with laboratory and operations staff as required.


Responsibility 6 Assist in Developing New and Modified Analytical Methods and in Introducing new Analytical Equipment

Task 6.1 As directed by the Laboratory Manager coordinate the development of new or modified analytical methods on the shift

Task 6.2 As directed by the Laboratory Manager coordinate the introduction of new or modified analytical equipment on the shift

Task 6.3 Coordinate the training of laboratory personnel in new or modified analytical methods on the shift

Task 6.4 Coordinate the training of laboratory personnel in new or modified analytical equipment on the shift


Responsibility 7 Providing Guidance, Motivation and Training to Laboratory Personnel

Task 7.1 Contribute to the training of new employees and trainees

Task 7.2 Assist subordinates to solve job-related problems


Responsibility 8 Provide Support to the Laboratory Manager

Task 8.1 Report on activities, progress and results

Task 8.2 Identify problems that might affect achievement of departmental plans

Task 8.3 Opportunities for improving department performance

Bachelor’s degree in chemistry 

4-6 years in laboratory experience in Gas laboratory or similar experience

Understands and is able to read and interpolate applicable data and tables, interpret applicable graphs and control charts, complete laboratory raw data sheets, and is able to compute rates, ratio, percent’s and material quantities (linear, volumetric, weight, etc.).

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, MS Excel) and other office applications. 

Good oral/written English

No Formal Certificate