Oil Lab Supervisor

Posted: 08-May-2016

To supervise the Oil laboratory to ensure safe, efficient acquisition and analysis of plant Oil samples.


An Oil Refinery Located in Mostorod Area , Cairo , EGYPT, with capacity 140,000 BPD, Operates different units as NHT, CCR, DHT, HCU, HPU, VDU, DCU, DEU, Sour Water Stripping Unit , Amine Treatment and Regeneration Unit, Utilities, Sulfur Recovery Unit , and TGU.


Responsibility 1 Main Tasks.

Task 1.1 Supervise Special request samples in the oil Laboratory, ensuring the tests are undertaken in compliance with applicable procedures, methods, quality standards and protocols.

Task 1.2 Supervise Oil lab equipment periodical calibration and ensure its correct and timely calibration as per plans and schedules. 

Task 1.3 Supervise the Generation of Instrument QC charts and its updates.

Task 1.4 Review and endorse lab special samples analytical reports and technical notes related requested Samples.

Task 1.5 Supervise the process of applying and maintaining Oil laboratory quality control system and required laboratory accreditations. 

Task 1.6 Identify the HSE risks that could be encountered during each lab test/experiment and take the necessary measures to address that risk.

Task 1.7 Ensure the execution of the procedure for the collection of special samples for the studies and special analyses from refinery process units and offsite locations.

Task 1.8 Supervise the training and the development programs for all new comers in the day to day training as per their program.

Task 1.9 Supervise the annual on job training program for laboratory personnel.

Task 1.10 Ensure execution of the Quality management system within the oil lab as per Company guidelines and maintain its function to its best.

Task 1.11 Supervise and maintain the QC/QA within the oil laboratory and perform all tasks request by laboratory manager related to his job description.


Responsibility 2 Support Refinery Health and Safety Management System

Task 2.1 Ensure   refinery   and personal   safety is maintained   through   the application   of safety procedures and laboratory safety rules.

Task 2.2 Monitor health and safety awareness in the shift team and correct any shortfall.

Task 2.3 Ensure hazardous chemicals are handled and stored according to laboratory regulations.

Task 2.4 Ensure that visitors are escorted when requested and that they follow safety procedures.

Task 2.5 Ensure the laboratory is maintained as a safe place of work.

Task 2.6 Report any potential hazards which cannot be corrected immediately.


Responsibility 3 Support Refinery Environmental Management System

Task 3.1 Ensure  refinery  environmental  procedures  are  followed  on  his  shift  in  respect  of  waste disposal and handling of spillages in the laboratory.

Task 3.2 In  the  event  of  an  environmental   incident  assist  in  providing  any  necessary  laboratory support.


Responsibility 4 Plan Laboratory Activities to Meet Production Requirements

Task 4.1 Ensure sufficient manpower is available.

Task 4.2 Liaise with operations shift leaders to establish shift laboratory requirements.

Responsibility 5 Monitor and Control Laboratory Operations to Ensure Compliance with Production Requirement and Quality Management System

Task 5.1 Ensure laboratory work is carried out in accordance with laboratory procedures and work instructions.

Task 5.2 Supervise and co-ordinate special operations.

Task 5.3 Ensure compliance with the company’s total quality management policies.

Task 5.4 Supervise the testing of process and utility streams to monitor quality and unit performance.

Task 5.5 Supervise routine testing to monitor blending operations.

Task 5.6 Prepare Certificates of Quality for finished products for approval by the laboratory manager.

Task 5.7 Supervise  the  of  line  samples  and  compartment  samples  from  ships  and  tank  trucks  to monitor potential contamination in loading operations.

Task 5.8 Supervise the testing of atmospheric and aqueous effluent streams to monitor performance of environmental control.


Responsibility 6 Direct Laboratory Personnel, Providing Guidance, Motivation and training

Task 6.1 Supervise on-the-job training for new employees and trainees.

Task 6.2 Assess performance and training needs of new and inexperienced employees.

Task 6.3 Motivate subordinates.

Task 6.4 Assist subordinates to solve job-related problems.


Responsibility 7 Provide Support to his Manager

Task 7.1 Report on activities, progress and results.

Task 7.2 Identify problems that might affect achievement of departmental plans.

Task 7.3 Identify opportunities for improving department performance.


Responsibility 8 Develop Own Performance

Task 8.1 Improve his supervisory skills.

Task 8.2 Manage his time to meet his objectives.

Bachelor’s degree in chemistry 

10-15 years in laboratory experience in Oil laboratory, where at least three years’ experience in team or major project management—or similar experience

Good oral/written English

Computer skill required

Excellent personnel and operations management skills

Scientific, technical and business writing and presentation skills and Ability to make effective decisions

Identifying and utilizing best practices to oil facilitate lab and Ability to manage and maintain facility with advanced scientific equipment

Creative problem-solving skills