MIDOR turnaround activities - GRTA ( July /August 2021)

EPROM has successfully implemented mechanical and electrical general turnaround activities at the MIDOR site.

These activities took place in the period of July-August 2021. The plant had a turnaround to meet the work requirements of the MIDOR plant expansion project in order to implement the several tie-ins required by TECHNIP (mechanical / electrical / instrumentation), which was successfully completed on all required activities. In addition, this was a good opportunity to carrying out and implement all the maintenance and internal inspections required by EPROM, which needed a shutdown with an appropriate long enough time period to implement them.

MIDOR company requested EPROM to manage and coordinate the GRTA activities. Moreover, to carry out the required activities of the Decommissioning / Commissioning, which is one of the owners’ scopes, as per the specification. EPROM responded to this request, both through applying and implementation, starting from the stage of determining the required works, passing through the continuous monitoring of the shutdown activities during implementation, and finally by handing over the unit and restarting. In addition to applying decommissioning / commissioning activities including (Purging, cleaning, drying, cooling and positive isolation of the system to which it is connected) in all pipelines and/or specified equipment.

Accordingly, EPROM prepared the required plan, which shows the time required for each equipment, while adhering to the total time period defined for the shutdown, which was specified by MIDOR and was officially submitted to TECHNIP during the preparatory meetings. Thus, TECHNIP has prepared the final plan that shows Simultaneous Operations activities between all parties to avoid any obstacles that may occur during the turnaround, and it was revised and approved by EPROM.

Based on all these, the pipelines/equipment were delivered to TECHNIP successfully without any delay and in compliance with occupational safety and health (OSH) rules. Despite of the excavation works around and inside most units, and beside the congestion of site with Petrojet equipment, which rendered maintainability as being very difficult, all maintenance activities have been performed successfully before the deadline time frame.

Moreover, EPROM has committed itself to successfully implement all maintenance and inspection works through the plan and schedule submitted previously and agreed upon by the two companies (MIDOR/TECHNIP), which indicated the date of Shutdown starting on 22-06-2021 and ending on 20-08-2021.

In addition to implementing additional unplanned works that appeared during the shutdown and could not have been postponed, to maintain the safety of the plant and the efficiency of operations, so these activities were scheduled with providing the necessary labor and equipment to complete their implementation.

In addition, electrical activities were carried out during the complete shutdown (GSD2) of MIDOR refinery. The activities were divided into new installation activities, tie-in activities. PMCC tie-in activities, medium voltage switchgear tie-in activities, DC UPS tie-in activities, AC UPS tie-in activities. The activities also included upgrading of old & obsolete electrical systems. This consists of protection systems for 0.4 KV, 6.6 KV & 33 KV Equipment, and UPS systems. The activities included maintenance activities as well such as corrective maintenance activities that required S.D., proactive maintenance activities, preventive maintenance activities, and other modifications activities.