MIDOR CEMS installation project

MIDOR company has requested EPROM to supervise the implementation of continuous emission monitoring system on 12 stacks of the company that will be implemented through PETROMAINT. The project includes engineering, procurement and construction for the CEMS. The scope of work will include engineering, material supply, fabrication, sand blast and painting, erection, welding, touch up and painting, nozzle opening, refractory investigation before and after opening, refractory repair, nozzles welding, commissioning. The Implementation started on 2019/11/01 and finished 2021/08/10. The fabricating was completed in April 2020, and the installation work was completed during the four shutdowns (Oct. 2020, Dec. 2020, March 2021, July 2021). The implemented work had a duration of 122,000 working hours with zero Incident.

The implementation of this work along with MIDOR and PETROMAINT has set a new level of cooperation within the EGPC and is looked upon as an example and reference to possible collaboration among the other companies.