Energy Management System

Energy management system is a system which is capable of calculating and reporting the specific energy consumption (SEC) for each significant energy users (SEUs), for processes/utility units, complexes, and overall plants. The system can do a root-cause analysis and perform a dig-down or a navigation process for tracking the possible causes of any detected increase of the SEC or decrease in the efficiency within the SEUs. The energy monitoring system is capable to calculate the possible emissions, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, resulting from fired heaters and / or boilers. The system is able to monitor equipment if the required sensors are available. Implementing such activities will lead the facility to improve the energy utilization throughout the plant as a whole and therefore increase the process profitability.

In the current times, the issue of energy saving has been raised due to the increase in fuels prices, and the advances in environmental regulations. In addition, energy saving policies and activities are in line with the main target of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Plan (2030). For this purpose, the Egyptian petroleum sector intends to establish an energy management system for all its companies to monitor, optimize and conserve energy utilization to enable the maximization of the profitability of the industry.

EPROM is the main EPGC consultant in the field of energy saving and energy assessment processes. The company enjoys a high level of confidence that allows it to continue developing a world class energy management system. This system is a candidate to be a national product and a key tool to achieve the national energy conservation goals.

EPROM’s policy is to ensure that all energy consumed within a plant is managed in accordance with best engineering and environmental practices, and within the regulatory compliance at all times.

To sustain such a reputation and confidence level, the company has secured certification on several prominent fields of activities that serve this purpose such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (safety) and ISO 500001 (energy).

EPROM though its long standing cooperation policies with companies of the EGPC, has managed to perform important and essential energy assessment, studies and energy saving processes for APC, SOPC, CORC, APRC and ELAB