ELAB Achievements

Since the start of the project, there is a continuous exerted efforts from the complex staff. All these efforts aim at enhancing plant troubleshooting, increasing production rates and increasing production economics. These would result in the enhancements of the overall plant economics. These could not be achieved without the long successful cooperation between all the EPEOM and ELAB owners. ELAB is a project designed to produce Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB). EPROM has a long-term contract with the ELAB owner for the operation and maintenance of the plant.

During its management period, EPROM managed to increase the production steeply from 78,366 ton on 2009 to reach a value of 125,000 ton on 2020 as a result of EPROM continuous efforts and upgrade agreement with UOP. These efforts include modifying and optimizing operating conditions and upgrading of PACOL reactor catalyst from DEH-11 (dry basis) to DEH-15 (wet basis) which has 10% more productivity and higher stability coupled with less aromatic production.

The efforts also include the implementation of water injection system, and implementation of olefin injection system. The efforts also include an agreement signed with UOP to convert HAB to LAB with annual capacity of 5600 MT. Enhancing the complex production economics has a direct effect on the complex profitability.

These enhancements included optimizing the operating conditions, troubleshooting the critical plant problems, and the ELAB revamp projects. The long-standing cooperation and agreements with ELAB have resulted in a mutual trust and confidence that is almost unmatched among the EGPC companies. This was considered as an example to be followed amongst other companies seeking to reach such cooperation and trust level.