APRC Engineering and Environmental needs

APRC has a long-standing cooperation with EPROM. Beginning with continuous service agreements between both companies and numerous work authorizations creating an environment of mutual trust and understanding. And was a key role in unprecedented work relations and job facilitation between EGPC owned companies.

Currently EPROM is providing turnkey services for several projects at APRC. The first one is the deployment of continuous emissions monitoring systems on the 24 stacks of APRC. This project is to supply, instal, inspect, test, pre-commission, commission and start-up of the complete CEMS. All works were concluded by connecting the CEMS systems to the national emissions monitoring network of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and according to its regulations. Such project represents the interests of both companies in our environment and show the dedication and commitment of the EGPC and its companies to this project.

EPROM's team involvement and implementation always got the highest appreciation by the APRC management and personnel. EPROM work sets a new standard in compliance and commitment. Our cooperation with APRC is setting a reference point for cooperation between EGPC companies.

Another project with APRC is the replacement/ upgrade of existing fire detection, alarm and fighting system (FAFS) with a new system including all its components, peripherals, connections and controls. All works are processed according to the manufacturer installation recommendations as well as the guidelines submitted by Civil Protection Authority. APRC has appointed the FAFS Project to EPROM, as a turnkey project. Within this project, fire alarm/ detection, cooling and firefighting systems with all of its accessories and connections were designed. All required tasks were designed to be implemented in stages, depending on technical suitability, financial availability, client requirements and will be prioritized based on the engineering design. The project will be implemented in all buildings of the APRC site in Merghem, west of Alexandria, in addition to 7 gasoline tanks on the same site.

Due to previously mentioned successful project execution, and mutual understanding between both companies, APRC has requested EPROM to take hold of a new project in this field covering all the compressors, the vessels of the site, in addition to one off-site location.